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specialty gases applications

Specialized Gases

Almost all industrial gases, whether they are inert, flammable, acid, reactive, or oxidizing, can be dried using adsorption technology. Adsorption technology can also be used to remove targeted impurities or separate bulk mixtures. In addition to Xebec’s expertise in designing and building air and gas drying solutions, Xebec accepts mandates to evaluate and create specialized gas treatment solutions in response to a variety of specific needs.

Adsorption technology can be applied to many industrial gas treatment processes including biogas separation and purification, hydrogen recovery, air separation, and oxygen enrichment for medical applications, as well as drying applications for air, natural gas, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, acetylene, propylene, propane, syngas, and more.

Specialized or custom gas treatment solutions are not ‘off-the-shelf’ products. Partnering with our customers to understand the parameters and variables specific to each situation enables Xebec to work efficiently towards an effective specialized gas treatment solution. Xebec’s keys to success in the development of custom gas treatment solutions are:

  • Xebec’s state-of-the-art gas testing facility for testing and process validation
  • Intensive and open communication between its engineering teams and the
    customer in need of Xebec’s expertise.

For industrial gas-handling equipment, Xebec has the accreditation and experience to manage electrical standards and pressure vessel and piping codes that vary depending on the location of the installation. Xebec builds and services its own equipment and is certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHAS 18001 standards. Xebec has engineering experience in process design, material selection, system control, and pressure vessel design, and also has developed an external network of expert consultants on whom we can rely for specific technical support. All Xebec’s equipment is designed and built with safety and ease of operation in mind.

Below are three cases for which Xebec developed custom-drying or
impurity-removal solutions:

Helium Purification

Helium, a scarce non-renewable gas, is used in the production of fiber-optic equipment and semiconductors. Other industrial uses of helium include optoelectronics, laser welding, cold gas spraying, chemical processing and leak detection. Rising demand and declining reserves of helium have led to dramatic increases in the helium price, intensifying the market for helium recovery systems.

The compact, economical XEBEC HE-3200 efficiently recovers high-purity helium from contaminated off-gas streams. Fully skid-mounted and configurable for a range of sizes and market applications, the HE-3200 is easily installed in almost any setting, offering a quick payback and ongoing returns.

SGX Solutions
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Sulfur Dioxide Drying

Drying saturated sulfur dioxide is difficult because of a combination of factors: SO2 is toxic, corrosive, reactive, and liquefies at low pressures. Issues of co-adsorption, safety, and heat management must be integrated into a very tight design window. Xebec’s HRS-SGX platform is adapted to achieving a -40°C dew point, which translates into less than 50 mg water per kg liquid sulfur dioxide.

Carbon Dioxide Removal from Air

Xebec’s HRS-SGX adsorption purifier is designed to remove carbon dioxide from air. From an air flow of 12,000 scfm, our adsorption purifier reduces CO2 from levels of 400 ppm down to 20 ppm, all on a footprint that is two thirds smaller than conventional adsorber designs for similar applications.

In each case, working closely with the customer, Xebec was able to develop a satisfactory solution, in some cases breaking new scientific ground along the way.

The experience accumulated through Xebec’s work on specialized gas treatment technologies coupled with our proven expertise with air and natural gas makes Xebec the ideal choice to provide custom solutions for your specialized gas drying or impurity-removal needs.